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Commercially used buildings have to be ventilated. Air systems are often integrated invisible or at least very simple.

The architects with whom we work together look at this very differently. They consider the air pipe systems of a building not just as tubes which have to be hidden but as important design elements.  

We at AMS have made it our business to produce these design elements – optically outstanding, with solid function and of first-class quality.

Our air pipe towers are impressive without being threatening, elegant and clear but not cold. We adapt the form and the style of our air systems to the wishes of the architects and to the requirements of the individual project. Actually our air pipes systems are always a special and innovative eye-catcher and this makes us at AMS very proud of it.

The pipe outlets supplement our air pipe systems. They are available as two-row or three-row air intake and exhaust slot diffusers. The pipe outlets are especially suitable for the air supply of high rooms. The slot diffusers are equipped with pivoted rolls. So they can be adjusted in any angle between 0° and 90° provided the roller elements are alternately centred to both sides. As the pipe outlets offer so many adjusting facilities they are either an important functional or an interesting design element especially for exposed installations. In addition the direction of the exhaust air can be perfectly adapted to the prevailing premises.